Booking terms

Skihouse Oy (business ID number 3297561–1) reservation conditions for renting vacation spots.

These terms and conditions bind all parties after the customer has paid Skihouse at least an advance payment for his reservation. Skihouse acts as an intermediary for cabin rentals, and the rental agreement is created between the customer and the owner of the resort.


Reservations can be made in Skihouse’s online store 24/7. In connection with the reservation, a 30% advance payment is charged, calculated from the entire amount of the reservation. Payment is made using the payment options offered by the online store. Once the payment has been made, the customer will receive a booking confirmation to the e-mail they indicated. The confirmation contains entry instructions to the holiday destination and the contact information of the owner and/or guardian of the destination.

Our customer service representatives can be reached at

The reservation is confirmed when the customer pays at least the advance payment for the reservation. The final payment is paid no later than 6 weeks before the start of the holiday. If the reservation is made later than 6 weeks before the start of the vacation, the entire amount is paid immediately. If the payment is delayed, Skihouse can cancel the reservation without separate notification.

A delivery fee of 25 euros is added to reservations. We reserve the right to correct erroneously declared prices.


Visma Pay (Visma Payments Oy, business ID number 2486559–4) acts as the payment intermediary for the online store, which is registered in the register of payment institutions maintained by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Payment is made via Visma Pay’s online service, and Visma Pay or Visma Payments Oy is shown as the payee on the account statement and invoice. Visma Pay forwards the payments to the online retailer.

Payment is safe, because all information about the payment transaction is transmitted using an encrypted connection so that no outside party can see the payment transaction information.

The transaction is created between the customer of the online store and the online store. The online store is responsible for all obligations related to the store.

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The customer has the option to change the holiday destination or the time of the holiday. Skihouse has the right to charge 30 euros as change costs. The change must be made no later than 6 weeks before the start of the reservation period. Changes made after this are considered as a cancellation of the previous reservation and the new reservation.

If the customer wants to add additional people or additional services to their reservation, it must be done at least one week before the booked time. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee last minute orders or changes.


Cancellations must be made by email to The part of the advance payment (30% of the total amount of the reservation) is not returned. If the reservation is canceled later than 5 weeks before the start of the rental, the payments made by the customer will not be refunded at all.

The rental period is the total time selected at the time of booking, regardless of whether the object is accepted on the start date or handed over earlier than the end date of the reservation. No compensation is paid for unused time and the customer is not entitled to a rent refund.

These cancellation conditions also apply during a global or local epidemic or pandemic, when, for example, travel restrictions between countries are possible. When booking a vacation destination, the customer is aware that airlines can cancel and change their schedules due to epidemics or pandemics and it is not a force majeure because it is not an unforeseen situation. We recommend comprehensive travel insurance.


In case of force majeure, Skihouse can cancel the reservation. In that case, the customer has the right to get back the amount he paid to Skihouse in full.

Skihouse can also cancel the customer’s reservation if two reservations have been made to the same resort for the same time, or partially for the same time, at the same time. The reservation that is made first remains valid and the reservation that is made later is canceled. If we have to cancel your reservation, we will notify you of the cancellation by email as soon as possible and refund your rental payment immediately.

Skihouse is not responsible for additional costs or damage that cancellations like the one mentioned above may cause to the customer, and Skihouse is under no obligation to search for and book replacement accommodation for the customer’s party.


The customer must notify the owner of the vacation destination or the local cabin caretaker of his estimated time of arrival no later than 2 days before the reserved time. You can usually arrive at the holiday destination no earlier than 16:00 on the day of arrival, and you must usually leave the holiday destination no later than 12:00 on the day of departure. The contact information of the holiday destination owner and/or the local cabin caretaker, instructions for entering the holiday destination and instructions for handing over the keys can be found in the customer’s own booking confirmation.

If the customer does not arrive at the holiday destination at the agreed time or does not inform the owner of the holiday destination or the cabin caretaker of his estimated time of arrival, we cannot guarantee that the keys will be handed over as soon as the customer arrives at the holiday destination. If you plan to arrive at the resort very late in the evening or at night, confirm in advance with the owner of the resort or the cabin caretaker that late arrival is possible and how the keys will then be handed over to you.

If the customer’s arrival at the destination is significantly delayed due to, for example, bad weather or a canceled flight, the owner of the holiday destination or the cabin caretaker must be notified of the later than expected arrival time as soon as possible.


The rent includes the right to use the reserved holiday destination for the reserved time. Normal energy costs, furniture, cooking and eating utensils, cutlery, mattresses, blankets and pillows are included in the rental price. The amount of firewood can be limited in some resorts.

You should bring your own personal hygiene items (hand soap, shampoo, shower gel), table cloth or napkins, kitchen towel, toilet and paper towels, dishwasher and washing machine detergent and spices important to you to the holiday destination. In the summer, you should also pack insect repellent. You can inquire about the equipment in the vacation destination booked by the customer directly from the owner of the destination before the vacation.

The accommodation’s beds, dishes, firewood and hot water are sized for the maximum number of people mentioned in the property description. The maximum allowed number of people at the holiday destination must also be taken into account in terms of fire safety, and this number of people must not be exceeded. Parties or other occasions where the permitted number of people at the holiday destination is temporarily exceeded are prohibited without a separate permission from the owner of the holiday destination. The owner of the holiday destination or the caretaker of the cottage has the right to demand that people who exceed the permitted number of people leave the holiday destination immediately without compensation.

You must not cause unnecessary disturbance to the neighbors at the holiday destination. Loud partying and playing loud music are prohibited. Smoking is only allowed outdoors. If, despite the prohibition, smoking has taken place at the holiday destination, the owner or caretaker of the holiday home will charge the customer for the costs of thoroughly washing and airing the property. The owner of the holiday property or the caretaker of the cottage has the right to require the customer to leave the property without refund of rent or compensation, if the customer’s behavior causes a significant disturbance, damage or danger to others.

The keys to the holiday property are the customer’s responsibility during the rental period. If the keys are lost, the object’s owner or the local cabin caretaker is entitled to charge the customer for new keys and/or locks and other possible additional costs.

Setting up a tent, parking a travel trailer or caravan and using rental equipment such as a bathtub in the resort grounds is only allowed with the permission of the property owner.

Charging an electric or hybrid car is only allowed with the permission of the property owner or the caretaker of the cottage. An additional fee may be charged for charging.


A tidy and well-behaved pet may only be brought to a resort where pets are allowed. Some resorts charge an extra fee for bringing a pet. The pet must always be mentioned in the ‘Additional information’ field of the booking form when booking. The property’s yard must be left in a clean condition at the end of the rental period, and pet waste must be collected before leaving the property.

If the customer brings a pet to a holiday destination where bringing pets is prohibited, the owner or the cabin caretaker has the right to require the customer and the pet to leave the property immediately without refund of rent or compensation. The customer is responsible for the extra cleaning costs caused by the pet.


If linen is included in the rental price at the holiday destination or the customer has ordered linen as an additional service, a linen set is reserved for each cottage guest, which includes an undersheet, duvet cover, pillowcase, hand towel and bath towel.

If linen is not included in the rental price at the holiday destination and the customer has also not ordered linen as an additional service, the customer and the cabin guests in his party must bring their own linen.

Bed linen must be used in all Beds of the reserved holiday destination, and Beds must not be slept or stayed without sheets.


We recommend that you leave the final cleaning to the owner of the holiday destination or the caretaker of the cottage, so that you can enjoy your holiday until the very end. If final cleaning is included in the property’s rental price or the customer has ordered final cleaning as an additional service, the property can be left after a light cleaning. Light cleaning includes washing and putting away dirty dishes, taking garbage to the waste disposal point, putting furniture back in place and emptying the refrigerator. The sheets and towels of the vacation property owner or cabin caretaker should be left in a pile on top of the bed. Also take recyclable cardboard, plastic packaging, metals, glass and newspapers to the nearest recycling point.

If the final cleaning is not included in the rental price, and the customer has also not ordered final cleaning as an additional service, the customer must clean the object thoroughly before leaving the object, following the cleaning instructions of the cottage owner. It is good to set aside several hours for the cleaning, because in addition to the light cleaning as described above, the thorough final cleaning includes vacuuming, washing the floors, dusting, airing the bedding outside, washing the toilet, sauna and washrooms, cleaning the oven, refrigerator and fireplace, and cleaning the barbecue area and yard.

If the object has been left unreasonably dirty or messy after the end of the rental period, because the final cleaning has not been done at all or it has been done insufficiently, the customer will be billed afterwards for a more extensive final cleaning or for the additional hours spent by the owner of the holiday object or the cabin caretaker for cleaning.

At the end of the rental period, the customer must lock the windows and doors and return the object’s keys to the agreed place. The customer must also take his own belongings and leftover food and drinks with him. The owner of the holiday destination is not responsible for property left behind at the destination.


Fire in candles, lanterns, fireplace, sauna, grill or campfire creates warmth and atmosphere for many campers’ vacation. However, one should always be careful with fire, so the fire must not be left unattended. Before lighting the fire in the fireplace or in the hearth of the wood sauna, remember to open the chimney/flue damper so that the smoke can escape through it. The damper is only closed when the fire is completely extinguished and the ashes have cooled.

The customer must take into account the site’s emergency exits and layout as soon as he arrives at the site, so that guests can get out quickly in an emergency. Candles must always be extinguished before leaving the room and clothes must not be dried in the sauna or on radiators. Easily flammable materials should be kept away from fire and children should not be allowed to play with fire. The customer must notify the local caretaker of the object immediately about a broken electrical device or a fire alarm that needs a new battery.

If the customer arrives at the destination with small children, he or she must immediately check the safety of the destination, taking into account the age and curiosity of his own children. Parents must remain attentive even on vacation and young children must never be left to play alone in the object’s yard or on the beach without adult supervision. If the customer has reserved a cot or a high chair, the condition of these equipment must be checked by an adult before the children are allowed to use them.


Responsibility is important to us at Skihouse and we ask that you use water and electricity sparingly in the destination you have booked, take plastic packaging, newspapers, glass jars, cardboard and metals to the nearest recycling point, turn off the lights when you leave the rooms and move around the destination without leaving traces and respecting nature and animals.

Remember that the place you rent is dear to its owner, so please treat the object and its furniture responsibly and as if it were your own.


The customer who made the reservation is responsible for any damage his or her party may cause to the destination or its grounds. The customer must report any damage immediately to the cabin owner or the local cabin caretaker, and minor damages must be compensated, if possible, either to the cabin owner or the cabin caretaker before leaving the property. Larger damages must be compensated to the cottage owner or caretaker according to the agreement as soon as possible after the booked rental period.


If the customer notices a complaint in the reserved property, he must immediately contact the cottage owner or the local caretaker of the cottage immediately after a defect, defect or problem appears, so that possible defects, defects and problems can be investigated and rectified immediately during the holiday. Complaints will not be processed after the end of the rental period, unless possible defects, deficiencies or problems have been mentioned to the cottage owner or the local cottage caretaker during the holiday.

Unfortunately, not all problems can be affected (e.g. exceptional weather conditions: heat, lack of rainwater, storm damage), but the cottage owners will do their best to minimize possible defects.


Skihouse chooses the destinations it conveys carefully and makes sure to the best of its ability that the facts mentioned in the destination descriptions are correct. All distances mentioned are approximate and the facilities and equipment of the destinations may change or become unavailable for reasons beyond our control. However, we do our best to inform the customer of possible changes before the booked rental period.

Services and products offered by external companies, as well as e.g. schedules, may change or be canceled without Skihouse being aware of the changes. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the services and products offered by third-party companies, as well as e.g. train, bus and ferry timetables, as well as the availability of airport transportation before their own vacation.


Skihouse and the owner of the resort are not responsible for any damage caused to the customer caused by an unforeseeable force majeure or a similar reason (e.g. power outages, natural phenomena, pests, war), which was not caused by Skihouse or the owner of the resort and the consequences of which Skihouse or the resort the owner could not have reasonably prevented.


Finnish law applies to these booking conditions and the rental agreement. In dispute situations, all parties should try to resolve matters through negotiation. If a satisfactory solution is not reached through negotiation, the matter can be taken to the Helsinki District Court for resolution.