Dream vacation in Levi

Julkaistu 07.12.2022

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We booked our dream vacation to Levi. Finally we arrived at Levi after a trip that felt like it took for ages. Great company, snow crunching under our feet and sunlight on the freshly tamped down slopes, what could go wrong? We had booked housing right in the heart of Levi center. Food, snacks and refreshments were picked up from the nearby store. Lets gooooo! Here we go! 

We got the code to the keypad of the apartment, carried in our stuff and our vacation can start. I stopped to look around. The apartment seems to be exactly as promised. Based on the 3-D tour of the apartment in Skihouse.fi website the choice was easy. Not the most affordable but the best suit for us. We are on a vacation so there is no need for cheapskating. This is near everything and the perfect size cabin. Newish and very clean. Exactly what we wanted. 


Ofcourse everything that can go wrong could go wrong. Accidents can happen but I wasn’t thinking anything of sorts. I was wondering what could go wrong in our arrangements. Weather and sudden accidents are out of our hands but the trip arrangements are always in your hands. Questions like did I book the right accommodation, is it like they promised on their website, is it clean and does everything go as promised are going through my mind. We have been waiting for this trip for so long and I want to be sure that everything works out. At least the things I can affect. 

We didn’t have to be disappointed. It was exactly as promised. Skihouse.fi has a high quality 3D-tour of the options and they are exactly like in reality. I opened the 3D view again and compared it to the space I was standing in. A saw a fun little detail in the 3D view that one of the paintings in the bedroom seems to be crooked. I see that kind of little detail.  I walked into the room and saw that it was crooked. I straightened the painting with a smile on my face. 

Fireplace is lit. Now I pour myself a glass of wine and sit next to the warmth of the fireplace

A dream vacation in Levi.