Skiing trip to Levi

Julkaistu 07.12.2022

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Forecast was showing fresh powder snow for the weekend. We decided immediately to go on a skiing trip to Levi with our friends so we needed to book a roomy cottage or an apartment within a short time. With a little browsing we found the perfect accommodation for a group of eight from Location of the cottage was near Levi Center so getting to the slopes and back to the cabin was fast and easy. There are also a lot of restaurants near the cottage if you don’t always bother to make food yourself. Dining together in a restaurant is very lovely, especially after a long day hitting the slopes. 

After two days of waiting the trip to Levi can start. We stuffed our rental van with our skiing gear and headed north. Due to work we were able to start the drive a bit late in the afternoon but luckily the cottage has a keypad locking system so we didn’t have to think about picking up keys. So the schedule was entirely in our own hands. 

It had snowed quite a lot when we arrived at Levi at night but fortunately the snowplow had already cleared the yard so we could drive straight to the entrance without grabbing a shovel ourselves. The cabin is clean and exactly like in the pictures. Luggage in, filled the fridge with groceries that we picked up, lit up the fireplace and started to plan the day at the slopes tomorrow. 

Even though we were a big group the sauna was big enough for us all. Sauna was the perfect place to discuss the events of the day and recover for the next day. To our surprise the cottage has a jacuzzi that we hadn’t seen when making the reservation. As you can imagine we spent a lot of time there. 

Levi has great ‘offroad’ slopes under the lifts. Levi is also surrounded by great mountains for freeskiing. Our favorites include Aakestunturi and Taivaskero that is a bit further away. We left the park for the evenings due to a perfect amount of snow. 

All in all the trip was a great success and the cottage served us perfectly. Great location and high quality accommodation made our whole trip experience the best it could be. 

Thank you! We will be back!